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Thank you to all of our sponsors for

supporting our race and contributing to

The Stephen S. Fenstemaker, II

Memorial Scholarship Foundation.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Marilyn at (330)802-7934

Gold Sponsors

Stephen's Aunts & Uncles:
Bob & Laurie Wolfe, Dean & Mary Walther, Scott & Kathy Schaumburg, Sarah Johnson
Silver Sponsors

Stephen's Family & Friends:

David & Elaine Filicky, Mark & Kathy Filicky, Michael Fenstemaker, Aaron Schaffer, Norbert Fenstemaker, David Fenstemaker, Willowdale Lake Men's Club

Bronze Sponsors

Melvin & Wilma Snyder

Tom & Kathy Marchand

Buehler's Grocery

Metzger's Ace Hardware


Domino's Pizza

Dad's Car Care



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